Monday, September 7, 2009

Oklahoma Talent...Pure and Simple!!!

I had a doctor's appointment this morning and the drive to his office took me through Eden Prairie, MN. On any other day this is an uneventful drive. However, as it turns out this is not...any other the SW suburb of Minneapolis, MN. the "Savior" has arrived. And I'm sick of it...him...already! Brett "My Daughter Made Me Do It" Favre had his first full day of practice as a Minnesota Viking today. And the News Trucks lined up outside of their training facility...and the whirlwind of activity in the complex...supports the minions of Minnesotans who think he is the second coming...of...yep...that guy...but not Tiger Woods. Those are other minions!!! And then I thought about it a little bit and thought, "Well, maybe you ain't looking at it the right way, gcoach!" Maybe you need to look at it like this...and it should be good. Signing Brett "It is set up around here so I won't have to do much" Favre is a huge selling point for the Vikings drive to a new stadium. Ticket sales E X P L O D E D yesterday and today and from the looks of things...the Vikings fans won't be threatened with any blackout games this year. The fan base is giddier than the day Les Steckel disappeared from the picture as Vikings coach. There is energy and excitement surrounding the team right now so...don't sweat it Big Guy! Pull up a chair and enjoy the show!
Alas...I can't. Brett "I can't believe they are giving me 25 million for 2 years" Favre is a character with a lot of potential! this point in time Brett "Fading faster then my blue jeans" Favre...has the uncanny potential to destroy the teams he plays with. Once again...if I am Tarvaris Jackson...I'm telling my agent to get me the hell out of Minnesota. Find someone who will give me the time to develop properly...and quit yanking the rug out from under him! Sage Rosenfels was lured to Minnesota with the promise that he would be allowed to compete for the starting job at QB. They lied! My guess is that Rosenfels will show a lot more class than his head coach has and will be professional and will keep working hard and..."competing" for the the event that Brett "Late season Injury to another body part" Favre pulls up semi-lame and adds to his already Isn't Brett "It ain't how many interceptions you throw...but when" Favre the guy you want kept on the bench for...while he struggles and your team fades...and you keep..."competing" for the job? How would you like to be John David Booty...and have your jersey virtually stripped from you and given to Brett "Number 4, forever more" Favre before he has even put his jock on...and you've been working hard to learn everything you can so you can put the same shoes Rosenfels is in...that opportunity to...compete!
I caught part of the press conference last night on the news disappointed as I am that Brett "I knew it all the time" now a Minnesota Viking...I almost gagged listening to his monologue! His daughter made the ultimate decision...ain't that sweet. Good ol' Brett "Watch me play the crowd...I'm freakin' good at it" Favre had evryone on the verge of tears with his hokey Mississippi backwoods sentimentality! So much so that it didn't seem to matter when he announced that the reason he didn't commit 6 weeks ago was that...he is still injured!!! Nice going Ziggy and Brad " job is safe now" Childress! You signed a:
39 year old
surgically repaired tendon in throwing arm
has faded miserably at the end of. at least, the last two seasons
no teammate kind of guy
no training camp (wonder why he ends up hurt at the end of the year)
WHO STILL HAS A PARTIALLY TORN TOTATOR CUFF TEAR IN HIS THROWING SHOULDER!!! And you gave him $25 million for 2 years...the second of which he may...or may not...and we won't know until after next years training in!
What is it about this franchise? This is the same franchise that replaced Bud Grant...when he retired the first time with Les "Sir, YES SIR" Steckel until his players were most likely on the verge keeping with the Viking concept...don't ya know! The same franchise that traded like 12 guys to Dallas for Herschel Walker...and then didn't use Herschel like Herschel told them to use Herschel. Result...Dallas wins a Super Bowl...Vikings languish near the Toilet Bowl! And now they are confident that a player with less of an upside than Walker...Steckel would really be stretching their new "Savior!" BAAAAHHHHHRRRGGGHHHH!!!
If a miracle happens...and that is what it would be...then great! If the Vikings win the Super Bowl with Brett "Hahahahaha all the way to the bank" Favre then that will be great! It really will...and I will have been wrong...and I will acknowledge that...if...and happens! But his history indicates that the greatness is behind him...and further away....every year! He is inured...partial tear or not...he is still inured! Nope...I see the Brett "I'm going to suck and blame it on..." Favre...having already established his excuse for not leading the Vikings to the promised land! And who will the minions be able to reach out to...and blame...and attack...and accuse of this or that? Brett "It ain't my fault" Favre could really add insult to inury when he...blames it on his daughter!
As for me...I live in Minnesota but I am...NOT...a Vikings fan! Haven't been since Steckel, Red McCombs, and Herschel Walker trade...not to mention the "NEW SHERIFF" Denny Green and Randall Cunningham taking a knee...oh, and now Brett "Keep 'em guessing" Favre!!! The Vikings are on my television for two family likes 'em...and they keep drafting Oklahoma talent. Adrian Peterson, Rufus Alexander (even though he isn't here anymore) and now Phil Loadholt! There is only one reason to watch the Vikings for me...its Oklahoma Talent...pure and simple!
And that's the bottom line...

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