Friday, November 13, 2009

Where have I adventure for sure!

So...after leaving the FoxSports Blogging Community with every intention of blogging regularly here...a couple of things happened that distracted me.

I have a new job...sort of. I have gone from teaching and being the Dean of Students at my school to should I call it..."Jack of All Trades; Master of None" person. They call it the "Lead" and it is. I now do all on site administration at the school as the Principal supervises 3 schools. He is not physically on-site and needed someone he could trust to handle the day to day activities at the school. Hey...he picked me! A year or so ago there was a blogger at the old site who took an administration job...and we almost never heard from him again. I now know why! I have never been busier on a job...and I've had plenty of them. However...I've never received the gratification from a job either like the way it comes to me when the students and staff are successful at something. Aside from this I am close to acquiring a new license, am working in a Leadership Program through the local University, teaching still...and still coaching hockey...which starts on Monday. My plate is a bit full...and tired is a constant...but I've never felt like I was ever accomplishing more! is all good...right...right!

Well...kind of! What the hell happened to my Oklahoma Sooners? One could say coaching, one could say lack of depth, one could say complacent...and many have said one...if not all...of the above. I generally have issues with the coaching and Kevin Wilson is still his own worst enemy. Bob Stoops is still a quality coach...even with the Bowl loss issues...but he needs to look at his offensive coordinator and the scheme and make a decision. Brent Venables is probably the brightest spot on the coaching staff...and he used to be the whipping boy. His defense is pretty freakin' good when you take everything into account. But...if I were running this high quality program I'd be lookin'...very seriously...into my training program and my medical staff.

Injuries are part of the game! This game...and virtually any contact and non-contact competitive contests going...have injuries. But how does this of the "Best of the Best"...suffer this many season ending injuries to so many high impact players. I commented very early on that if OU was going to make a run for the NC they needed to stay healthy. I sometimes HATE IT WHEN I AM RIGHT...sometimes! The loss of Jermaine Gresham...before they started hitting...was the worst blow of least as far as I am concerned. One of the main reasons the Sooners aren't very good in the red zone anymore is that they don't have a high quality...or any real quality...TE like Gresham presented. The offensive options in the red zone with him made defending OU say the least. Even with a healthy Sam Bradford...OU in the red zone was not going to be as productive as last year without Gresham.

And then the loss of Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradford multiplied the injury situation ten-fold. Landry Jones has been adequate (and maybe better than that but you can't help comparing...can you?) at best. Many people...Stoops included (but what is he going to say?)...have said Jones has been doing really well. I don't agree. He is a freshman and it shows. Do I think he will be alright? Eventually...but I also don't think he will ever be a Sam Bradford...or even a Jason White. And I'm not sure that anything too far from those two guys is acceptable in Oklahoma anymore. I'll grant you that the WR corps has been less than stellar and less than what OU has received out of their WR's in the last few years. I'll grant you the offensive line is probably as bad an offensive line as I have ever seen at OU...and doesn't seem to be getting better...unless the quality of opponent is weak. And...I'm going to be honest again here...DeMarco Murray is NOT healthy...and hasn't been for quite some time. So...Jones doesn't have all the tools that Bradford had at his disposal...and he is a freshman...but he makes the worst decisions with the football than any QB in recent history...or...not so recent history. The 5 ints he threw last week were not all his fault. However, he wasn't really anywhere near his intended receivers all day long. Did the Nebraska defense all of a sudden become world-beaters...after losing at home to Iowa State. NO!!! He made throws that a high school QB should know not to make. Like a Hail Mary with :27 seconds left on the clock and downs to work with. As the players around him get better I suppose he will put up great numbers as well. And hopefully he'll prove me wrong. I just don't get that "sense" that you get when you are watching potential we got when we saw Bradford. Oh...and while there are many out there who will chastise Bradford for not winning the NC last year...his numbers would indicate it wasn't his fault. But...maybe a guy named...Kevin Wilson. Hey...Kevie...either utilize the hurry up and go plan...or scrap it. It doesn't make much sense to rush everyone to the line...and then make them stand around while you decide...and then send in...the play you want to run. I'd understand if you were doing it based on the inexperience at QB with Jones...but you did it all the time with Bradford. And could you try to be creative...just a little?

And now...on top of all of this...Auston English, Brodie Eldridge (the only real TE hope when Gresham went down...even as a center) and another o-lineman now have season ending injuries. Do they have them on some kind of maintenance plan or are they just running them through the grinder down there? Is it just OU's turn to have this run of bad luck to key personnel on both sides of the ball in the injury department this year? Ooooh, that is kind of witchy...ain't it! I would be taking a look at our training plan, our medical plan..and the conditioning plan of our program to see if we can't "stop the bleeding" so to speak. But...even with all of this...there may be a bright side.

Maybe the Sooners will get a Bowl Game that they play closer to Christmas when I'll be able to watch it with the time off from school. Ahhh...who am I kiddin'? I'll probably have a hockey game that night. Nice ranting again. Hopefully the next one won't be so long in coming. Ya'll take care!

And that's the bottom line...


Monday, September 7, 2009

Now that THAT is out of the way...!

Now that THAT is out of the way...I can watch pressure free college football for awhile. Papaclinchsaint...I'm a give credit where credit is due type of guy...and I'm giving credit to your BYU football team. Very nice victory. The heavens lined up for your boys and they took advantage of it. While 14-13 is not a route...the magnitude is extremely significant...for both programs.

For BYU:

BYU is trying to gain National attention for their program and for their conference.
Max Hall was not spectacular but he was effective.
They played with injuries and played well.
Their offensive line, much maligned, was effective, if not great.
Their defense was inspired and made almost as many plays as OU's vaunted offense didn't make.
Their coaching staff was prepared and believed in their game plan and that showed in the way their kids played.
This team is pretty freakin' good.
For OU:

They are trying to maintain a high ranking and compete for a National Championship.
Sam Bradford was very effective before he got spite of his Offensive Coordinator, Kevin Wilson, last years Assistant Coach of the Year in CFB.
OU played with injuries and didn't play well.
The offensive line is...well...for lack of a better term...offensive!
OU's Defensive Line is very, very good...but the safeties and linebackers need lots of work.
The coaching staff was ill prepared and didn't believe in either their game plan...or their players...and it showed in the way they played.
This currently...not a top 10 team...and maybe not a top 15 team.
I really don't want to take anything away from BYU because they played hard and fought a tough battle and ultimately...deserved to win. But...I am a Sooner guy all the way and the way they play these neutral site games is just plain annoying to me.

Bradford was 10 of 14 for 96 yards and a touchdown in the first half. A Heisman Trophy winner only put the ball in the air 14 times in the first half. WHAT? This my humble opinion...the second game in a row where Kevin Wilson has effectively taken the ball out of Sam Bradford's hands. The other one was...obviously...the NC game against Florida last year. When Bradford threw the ball tonight...he was effective. He didn't throw it nearly enough. Why? Only Wilson knows...but my guess is it wasn't to get his two 1,000 runners involved in the game. Chris Brown had 14 carries on the day and DeMarco Murray had 10. When these guys don't get the touches they need...this offense dies! And some of that was probably due to BYU and their game plan. At least it looked like they had one.

With this high powered offense that OU has...why do they constantly stand up and change plays? It slows down the momentum (of which they never really had any today, anyway) and throws off rhythm. The players look confused and lost...and they played like it. Same kind of crap they did in the NC game last January. Knock it off and let your players PLAY!!! There were TWO (2) glaring things that OU was concerned with in the off-season. Rebuilding an offensive that was decimated by graduation and replacing their two WR's. Guess what BOY'S...mission ain't anywhere near...accomplished.

Kevin Wilson was quoted in an article in my local paper today as saying that if there was anything he knew better than being an Offensive Coordinator it was...offensive lines. And the one he has this year is...according to his comments in this very, very good and he has complete confidence in them. offensive line that has a "jack of all trades" as its center and only one returning lineman with any real experience to talk very, very good and has his complete confidence. I'm guessing Ol' Kevy lost that complete confidence on...the...third play from scrimmage!!! This offensive line is NOT very, very good and the number of penalties and the number of 3rd and more than 15's or 25's this team played through tonight ARE AN INDICATION that this line is not very good but it is...OFFENSIVE!!!

Of course...there are a ton of things that went wrong for OU but it boils down to OU got outcoached...again...they didn't protect the ball or play very disciplined football...and they are not deep. I posted earlier that OU had to stay healthy if they were going to have a shot! Well...they aren't...and right now...they don't. And don't let ANYONE kid you...Jermaine Gresham is the best TE in CFB. I have to believe that OU wins this one in the first half with Bradford and Gresham hooking up. Of course I have to think that...because the WR's are best. Two of the incomplete Bradford passes were dropped balls. Adron Tennell is supposed to be having a breakout year. If he doesn't start catching some of the balls thrown his way the only thing he is going to breakout a...bad case of the rash he caused me tonight!

So...back to the drawing board. Landry Jones will be the guy taking snaps from the TE converted to center for the next couple of weeks. And then Miami is on the schedule. Either this team improves quickly...or they could be 1 and 3...before they play Texas. Next week has to be considered a lock...but Tulsa and Miami are not given. Of course...if the O-Line and WR's don't improve...and the approach doesn't get will be an extremely loooong season in Norman, OK...and my house in Minnesota. I still believe that OU's starting talent on D and their two backs are high quality. But they now have their backs against the wall. The last time this happened they responded well. I sincerely hope they do that again.

As for me...I ain't a fair weather fan...just one who speaks what it is. I'm playin' ball tomorrow...and the dirty, dingy OU baseball cap will still be sitting proudly upon my dome. It just would have been a better day than having to face my buddies and explain what a true fan is. is what it is!

And that's the bottom line...


WTF...then again...why should I be surprised?

WTF...then again...why should I be surprised? Why should any of the following surprise me...or...anyone else for that matter? See if you agree.
Item 1 - The University of Oklahoma has "self-reported" a handful of "minor" violations of NCAA rules. These "minor" violations revolve around inadvertant phone calls or text messages from coaches to recruits. On the list are phone calls from football head coach Bob Stoops and assistant coach Jackie Shipp. Another was from a woman's assistant basketball coach. WTF...then again...why should I be surprised? Did the University of Oklahoma hire Kelvin Sampson as their new compliance officer? Doesn't this sound incredibly like the issue that reared it's ugly head upon his leaving OU for Indiana...and then when he was at Indiana? Did they say "Kelvin's gone...nobody will think we'd be stupid enough to do it again!" And if this isn't bad enough...don't they (OU) remember what happened the last time they "self-reported" something to the NCAA? And an inadvertant phone call...or text message...anyway? "Oh...I'm sorry...I meant to call my brother Mike...but since I have you on the phone...!" This is unacceptable from the head coach of this program! Now...there are some of you out there...somewhere...who knows where...after the "change"...who know that I am a...Sooner born and bred...but this is still me. Especially in light of the fact that this has this University...before! And not so very long ago! That being said...if you wish to comment on this portion of the post...use your head and don't resort to comments like..."WTF...the only way Oklahoma gets anywhere is by cheating!" Ignorance will be ignored!!!
Item 2 - Pro Bowl WR Brandon Marshall of the Denver Broncos has been suspended until next Saturday, Sept. 5, by coach Josh McDaniels for "detrimental conduct" which takes him out of the remainder of the pre-season. week ain't enough!!! WTF...then again...why should I be surprised? Marshall is just another of the...over-paid...under disciplined...whiny...I'm a professional...but can act like a four (4) year old if I want...prima donna's...who litter (literally) the professional athlete...landscape...if you will!!! After one week he will return...and my guess is...his behavior won't change because...sniff, sniff, boo-hoo...he doesn't want to be in Denver. Guess simple-minded signed a contract...try honoring it? When it expires...get the hell out of town! News flash for Brandon...if I'm a ball boy in camp...and you punt the ball away from better hope it don't hit me on the way'd be catching footballs this year...with your freakin' elbows! Because I wouldn't coddle and pamper your tired a$$!
Item 3 - From the land of the NHL...and the Chicago Black Hawks! Black Hawk forward Patrick Kane and his cousin plead guilty to a "non-criminal" charge of disorderly conduct and were ordered to send an apology to a cab driver they were accused of roughing up...for...20 cents!!!! WTF...then again...why should I be surprised? This idiot...putz...roughs up a guy who provides a service...transporting this dumb A$$...around town over...20 cents!!! TWENTY CENTS!!! I realize that times are tough but...dumb-bell plays professional the highest level...for...assuredly...much more than said cab driver...and has to get physical...over 20 cents. See previously mentioned...over paid...under disciplined...whiny...I'm a professional...but can act like a four (4) year old if I want...prima donna...etc. should consider yourself lucky...and maybe learn a little something from this...but you won't! Why? Because you have been let off the legal hook and the only form of ownership you have on this is that you need to apologize to the cab driver...oh...and then stay out of trouble for a year! haven't been held accountable for...anything. I say...too bad. Too bad that the cab driver you roughed up...didn't cave in a knee on you day...your source of income...could...come...from...driving a freakin' cab!!!
Item 4 - Did you all read where former Kentucky basketball coach Billy Gillispie has plead not guilty to driving under the influence of alcohol following his arrest early Thursday! WTF...then again...why should I be surprised? This guy has had issues like this in the past and has walked from all of them. I believe in 1993 and 1999 he was arrested and charged with this same thing and had charges dropped on one and plead to lesser charges on another. Three times this guy has been arrested for driving under the influence and has walked on the previous two. If he has been arrested three (3) times for this...odds are pretty freakin' good...he likes to drink and drive. IT IS AGAINST THE LAW!!! But where is the law in this situation? There are red flags all over this story...just as there have been in the past...and he has walked. Listen...I don't know this guy...but...based on personal experience...and based on his history...someone needs to stop him from getting behind the wheel of a car...after having a few pops...before something tragic happens!!! "Aaaah, but it's Billy Gillispie...what a great guy!" Hold him accountable...and he can still go on being a great guy...not someone who never got it...until he REALLY GOT IT!!!
Item 5 - The following conversation took place at Winter Park in Eden Prairie, MN the other day. For all of you that don't know...this is the home of the Minnesota Vikings. There are 2 characters in this conversation...Oly Olaffson (Head Custodian) and Sammy Sleezeball...ESPN reporter.
Sammy: Hey, what are things like around here now that Brett Favre has arrived?
Oly: Everting is all right, ya know! He's a purty good guy, don't cha know!
Sammy: how does he get along with everyone? Better do they get along with him?
Oly: Oh...I don't know! Ya know, deh all come and a go around here. It's kind a hard to keep up wit all of 'em. I just clean the place up, ya know! But I do kinda feel sorry for T Jack and, uh, Sage! Ya know, deh worked plenty hard this summer. Other N' dat...nuttin' much, ya know!
Sammy: Yea...hey Oly...thanks for nothing!
(Imagine comment bubble above Sammy's head as he says to himself..."That was worthless...WAIT A MINUTE...I can make this work! Oly just became my anonymous source inside the Viking locker room...and he has bad feelings for Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels. I can work this into...a rift...a "schism" the locker room. Good old Oly...what a schmuck!!!")
WTF...then again...why should I surprised? It isn't bad enough that the Favre circus has arrived in town...but now...ESPN has reported that his presence has created a "schism"...a...rift...if you the Viking locker room between players who support Tarvaris Jackson...players who support Sage Rosenfels...and players who support the newly arrived Brett Favre. Once again...John David Booty...ain't gettin' any love! Players...for the most part...are attempting to dispel the rumor of a "schism"..."a separation or division into factions" the locker room...and on the team. Madieu Williams, a Viking safety, said, "We don't pay any attention to the reports because they are all speculation. We know what goes on in our locker room." Jackson has stated...on more than one occasion...that he understands the situation and is working hard and trying to learn from the future HOF'er. Speaking of the Circus Master and his comments...they are as follows. "You guys have to keep stirring the pot, I guess, so somebody's got to make up a story like that. I can assure you, I don't think anybody in that locker room, me included, would use that word. We'd probably come up with something a little different. You guys have to come up with something a little room...related." Apparently...the talk of a rift annoys the Circus Master. WTF...then again...why should HE be surprised?
To my knowledge the Head Custodian at Winter Park is NOT named Oly. However, I wouldn't be at all surprised if there is a reporter at ESPN named Sammy Sleezeball. And the quotes used in this post attributed to Madieu Williams and Brett Favre are taken from an article in yesterdays edition of the StarTribune...the local paper for the Minneapolis area...of which Eden Prairie is a suburb.
College football...for my part...kicks off next Saturday night when Oklahoma takes on BYU in Texas. I don't want to watch it can I inadvertently call...
I re-posted this because I'm getting tired of posts that actually have something intelligent to say getting slid out of the picture by one or two sentence posts that really...don't say ANYTHING at all!
And that's the bottom line...

Oklahoma Talent...Pure and Simple!!!

I had a doctor's appointment this morning and the drive to his office took me through Eden Prairie, MN. On any other day this is an uneventful drive. However, as it turns out this is not...any other the SW suburb of Minneapolis, MN. the "Savior" has arrived. And I'm sick of it...him...already! Brett "My Daughter Made Me Do It" Favre had his first full day of practice as a Minnesota Viking today. And the News Trucks lined up outside of their training facility...and the whirlwind of activity in the complex...supports the minions of Minnesotans who think he is the second coming...of...yep...that guy...but not Tiger Woods. Those are other minions!!! And then I thought about it a little bit and thought, "Well, maybe you ain't looking at it the right way, gcoach!" Maybe you need to look at it like this...and it should be good. Signing Brett "It is set up around here so I won't have to do much" Favre is a huge selling point for the Vikings drive to a new stadium. Ticket sales E X P L O D E D yesterday and today and from the looks of things...the Vikings fans won't be threatened with any blackout games this year. The fan base is giddier than the day Les Steckel disappeared from the picture as Vikings coach. There is energy and excitement surrounding the team right now so...don't sweat it Big Guy! Pull up a chair and enjoy the show!
Alas...I can't. Brett "I can't believe they are giving me 25 million for 2 years" Favre is a character with a lot of potential! this point in time Brett "Fading faster then my blue jeans" Favre...has the uncanny potential to destroy the teams he plays with. Once again...if I am Tarvaris Jackson...I'm telling my agent to get me the hell out of Minnesota. Find someone who will give me the time to develop properly...and quit yanking the rug out from under him! Sage Rosenfels was lured to Minnesota with the promise that he would be allowed to compete for the starting job at QB. They lied! My guess is that Rosenfels will show a lot more class than his head coach has and will be professional and will keep working hard and..."competing" for the the event that Brett "Late season Injury to another body part" Favre pulls up semi-lame and adds to his already Isn't Brett "It ain't how many interceptions you throw...but when" Favre the guy you want kept on the bench for...while he struggles and your team fades...and you keep..."competing" for the job? How would you like to be John David Booty...and have your jersey virtually stripped from you and given to Brett "Number 4, forever more" Favre before he has even put his jock on...and you've been working hard to learn everything you can so you can put the same shoes Rosenfels is in...that opportunity to...compete!
I caught part of the press conference last night on the news disappointed as I am that Brett "I knew it all the time" now a Minnesota Viking...I almost gagged listening to his monologue! His daughter made the ultimate decision...ain't that sweet. Good ol' Brett "Watch me play the crowd...I'm freakin' good at it" Favre had evryone on the verge of tears with his hokey Mississippi backwoods sentimentality! So much so that it didn't seem to matter when he announced that the reason he didn't commit 6 weeks ago was that...he is still injured!!! Nice going Ziggy and Brad " job is safe now" Childress! You signed a:
39 year old
surgically repaired tendon in throwing arm
has faded miserably at the end of. at least, the last two seasons
no teammate kind of guy
no training camp (wonder why he ends up hurt at the end of the year)
WHO STILL HAS A PARTIALLY TORN TOTATOR CUFF TEAR IN HIS THROWING SHOULDER!!! And you gave him $25 million for 2 years...the second of which he may...or may not...and we won't know until after next years training in!
What is it about this franchise? This is the same franchise that replaced Bud Grant...when he retired the first time with Les "Sir, YES SIR" Steckel until his players were most likely on the verge keeping with the Viking concept...don't ya know! The same franchise that traded like 12 guys to Dallas for Herschel Walker...and then didn't use Herschel like Herschel told them to use Herschel. Result...Dallas wins a Super Bowl...Vikings languish near the Toilet Bowl! And now they are confident that a player with less of an upside than Walker...Steckel would really be stretching their new "Savior!" BAAAAHHHHHRRRGGGHHHH!!!
If a miracle happens...and that is what it would be...then great! If the Vikings win the Super Bowl with Brett "Hahahahaha all the way to the bank" Favre then that will be great! It really will...and I will have been wrong...and I will acknowledge that...if...and happens! But his history indicates that the greatness is behind him...and further away....every year! He is inured...partial tear or not...he is still inured! Nope...I see the Brett "I'm going to suck and blame it on..." Favre...having already established his excuse for not leading the Vikings to the promised land! And who will the minions be able to reach out to...and blame...and attack...and accuse of this or that? Brett "It ain't my fault" Favre could really add insult to inury when he...blames it on his daughter!
As for me...I live in Minnesota but I am...NOT...a Vikings fan! Haven't been since Steckel, Red McCombs, and Herschel Walker trade...not to mention the "NEW SHERIFF" Denny Green and Randall Cunningham taking a knee...oh, and now Brett "Keep 'em guessing" Favre!!! The Vikings are on my television for two family likes 'em...and they keep drafting Oklahoma talent. Adrian Peterson, Rufus Alexander (even though he isn't here anymore) and now Phil Loadholt! There is only one reason to watch the Vikings for me...its Oklahoma Talent...pure and simple!
And that's the bottom line...

ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDIN' ME...freakin' idiot sportswriters!

I have been extremely busy getting ready for school to start this year and haven't the time...or...quite frankly...the interest to post anything new for quite a while. Something...probably...about not having the incredible desire to post nothing but dribbling...worthless accumulate...worthless points...that I don't understand...and don't see their function...other than giving credit to...worthless dribbling. Anyway...I digress. In the past couple of days a few things have happened that fit the official/unofficial requirements of another ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDIN' ME post. Yep...ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDIN' ME...freakin' idiot sportswriters!!!
Most of you that follow any degree...know about the GREATEST UPSET in GOLF HISTORY yesterday. finally happened...and instead of giving credit where credit is due...the sportswriters from this site and from other news agencies...have signalled...for all of us to see...that Tiger Woods is now...officially through. Tiger lost the lead...and ultimately the tournament yesterday (PGA Championship) to a guy who played nearly flawless golf...made the huge shots that Tiger normally makes in these situations...played least in outward appearance...and showed no signs of the stress that a multitude of higher ranked golfers have shown...when paired with Woods in the final group on Sunday. Woods' record of accomplishments speak for themselves. Fourteen Major tournaments won when going into final round with the lead...or a share of it. Seventy tournamnet wins. His record is exemplary...obviously. But guess crazy...nutso...whacko's...who have elevated him to levels of immortality...before his 35 birthday...he's freakin' human after all...ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDIN' ME! And now...when the unthinkable (?) has happened...some of the freakin' idiot sportswriters...are fortelling his the ripe old age of...what...33. ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDIN' ME...freakin' idiot sportswriters! Here is a little hint for those of you that think Tiger is finished because of this loss. Vijay Singh has won something like 25 tournaments...after the age of 40. All I have read...or the fact that the Tiger "mystique" has been seriously damaged...and his ability to intimidate opponents will never be the same...and his putting will never be able to recover after the poor performance yesterday on the greens. ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDIN' ME...freakin' idiot sportswriters! What did he do in the last 3 weeks...finished second in one tournament and won the other two. And one bad putting Sunday...all of a sudden illustrates his demise! My guess is he finds some incredible motivation in this...and comes back with a vengeance. And when that incredible opportunity will have been lost by these freakin' idiot sportswriters. And that credit where credit is due...and outwardly acknowledging Mr. Yang's ultimate round of golf. He was as fun to watch yesterday as Tiger has been in the past. You know...unfortunately for Tiger Woods...the two things that have happened this year that should have been incredible for golf...have come at his expense. Tiger missing the cut at the British Open and yesterday's result...should be recognized as great things for the game of golf. Instead...we get to hear about how Tiger is all but done now. ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDIN' ME...freakin' idiot sportswriters!!!
Jay Glazer...FoxSports football travelling around spending time in NFL training camps. He just left the Vikings camp an old cliche...fired up an old story...on the heels of the Vikings decision to move on...with the QB's they have in camp. Yep...this guy starts up the Favre drama all over again...AFTER the Vikings won their first pre-season game behind an effective Rosenfels and the struggling Jackson. WHY...WHY...WHY? ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDIN' ME...freakin' idiot sportswriters. With comments like he gets the feeling from talking to Ziggy Wilf that the Vikings are still actively pursuing Favre...and Favre really wants to play...but he wasn't quite...physically...there yet...AAAHHHRRRGGGG!!!! NOT AGAIN...PLEASE! This guy could have come into town and left without even asking a question about the "Wishy-Washy...Will He or Won't He" Favre...but...instead...he made it a point of his question virtually every rostered player...and some who aren't...about Brett "Not Today But Maybe Tomorrow" Favre. This is a team heading in the right direction...and can get where they want to go faster...without this distraction. But some "sportswriter" comes to town and instead of reporting on the progress this team is making...he brings up something we are all better off without. ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDIN' ME...freakin' idiot sportswriters!
And that's the bottom line...